4 Top DIY Home Pest Control Tips

Pests, whether the mosquito, bed bug, ant, wasp or raccoon, can be a nuisance and a major problem for homeowners. Some cause severe damage to property while others pose serious health risks to people. As such, it’s absolutely important that the necessary steps are taken to eliminate the pests and prevent future infestation.The good news is that the ordinary homeowner can be able to handle most infestations on their own with the right tools and products. Here are a few top DIY home pest control tips you can consider.

1. Inspect around

Pests will often get into your home through openings and access holes, Pest Control 33and sealing them off will be one step towards keeping the troublesome pests from your home. Check the attic vents, cracks, crevices and other openings in and around your home ─ some could be open to the outdoors and can be easy entry points for insects to come into your comfort zone. Try to look for holes and pest evidence like droppings, stains and nesting rubble. Be sure to check and inspect your home frequently.

2. Keep your home clean

You can prevent pest infestation by keeping the kitchen, dining area and other areas in your home clean at all times. As a rule of thumb, you should dispose of garbage like food wastes both properly and immediately since they can attract hungry pests. Remember to use airtight containers rather than cardboard packaging when storing foods ─ Pest Control 31pests are able to chew such packaging with ease. In addition, avoid leaving pet food outdoors for a long period lest they draw different types of insects, roaches or even rats.

3. Avoid drips/pools of water

Since water attracts many pests, you will want to eliminate any open or dripping water around your home. Make sure that any leaks in your property, whether from pipes or gutters, are fixed immediately. It’s also advisable that gutters are placed in a such a way that they extend from the foundation.You should avoid leaving pet water outside and regularly check pipes under the sink and by the dishwasher for any dripping water.

4. Trap & baitPest Control 17

One of the simplest home pest control tips is to set up some sticky/glue traps in different areas in your home. If well placed, the traps can successfully eliminate single rodents and are both inexpensive and easy to execute. You can also use snap traps like the traditional wooden mouse trap, which is cheap and equally effective. All you need to do is to check the bait regularly to remove the dead rodents so as to avoid secondary infestation.