Tips And Ideas On Growing Crape Myrtles

Are you looking to add a focal point to your yard? This is a versatile tree, which is used for various landscape applications. It is also known as Crepe Myrtle. This tree originates from Asia. It is very popular in the Southern climates. However, it now grows in many parts of the world.

This is a deciduous blooming tree, which has multiple main stems. The trees are sold in a broad range of colors and sizes. You can get large shrubs and upright trees. It is regarded as one of longest blooming tree 1blooming trees that have flowering periods of about 90 days. You will find these trees in colors such as white, purple, red, and pink. Flowering periods can be extended by removing dead blooms that convince the tree to produce another round of blooms.

Because of its versatility, this tree can be used for different landscaping needs. When planted alone, this tree provides a stunning anchor to the landscape design. You can also plant small varieties that create a privacy hedge or decorative border. The tree never minds about confined spaces. Therefore, you can use it even in tight spaces or used for street side plantings.

Crape Myrtle is a disease resistant tree. It does not require a lot of maintenances and extra care. The tree is a very fast grower, and it adds several feet in just a single growing season. You should avoid over-fertilizing the tree. This is because it can produce a lot of foliage, which can be an expense at flowering capabilities. As this tree grows, you should prune it by removing the cross branches. blooming tree 2This increases airflow. It also reduces chances of mildew damage. You may spend a lot of time removing the baby crapes from the lawn. Also, aphids love these trees and they usually leave sooty, gray coating on the leaves. This may not be harmful, but diminishes the beauty of the tree. You can control aphids using a soapy water solution. You can also control them by spraying lemon solutions. Apply the solutions on heavily affected areas. Areas populated with lace wings and lady bugs are good to grow these trees.

The tree has a lot of benefits, and you will not regret the effort and extra time you spend maintaining versatile, bold trees. Vibrant colors, foliage, and flowering can transform your landscape into extraordinary. The tree can offer you with a lot of years of satisfaction and enjoyment.…

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