Hiring Professional Maid Service

Hectic schedules, lacking free time and fast-paced lifestyles are reasons to consider maid services. Maids will help you carry out critical house cleaning duties. However, before you hire a particular maid service company, it is necessary to understand the company you are hiring. These tips are important:

Bonding and Insurance
Ensure the maid service you hire is bonded. In case theft occurs, youhouse cleaning company 1are protected. You should note that most companies that are bonded protect themselves, and not their customers. The house cleaning company must be insured. If a maid suffers injuries while doing the cleaning, your homeowner’s policy cannot cover the incident. Therefore, the company you hire should have employee accident coverage and liability.

References are important to ensure your maid service is reliable. You should hire a company with many years in business. Ask for work history and references. When contacting references, you should ask relevant questions.

Employee Screening
You should ask the house cleaning company whether its employees are screened and checked. Criminal backgrounds are a must, and the residence status of the employee must be confirmed. Check whether you are dealing with the company or subcontractors. Maid service companies that use subcontractors do not offer staff training and may not be insured or bonded. Moreover, they do not have standards of quality service. It will also be difficult to channel your complaint resolution.

Cleaning Products
Some maid service companies expect homeowners to provide cleaning products. If you are not supplying the products, ensure you house cleaning company 2know the cleaning products they use. Ensure the company is not using harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach. The products used should be safe for kids and pets.

You should check out everything that is included in your house cleaning. Some companies may require you to supply all the cleaning equipment. If the company is supplying the equipment, be sure to check the efficiency of their vacuum cleaners and filtration systems.

Does the company measure customer satisfaction? Ask the type of procedures that are used to collect responses. You may be asked to fill the survey.

How does your maid service company handle complaints? A good service should come with a satisfaction guarantee. You should know the limitations of the guarantee and how you can execute the guarantee.

Lastly, you should know the party that should be paying taxes. Failure to comply with tax regulations can land in state problems.…

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