Top Mistakes Pool Owners Make

Your swimming pool is the best place to cool off and relax when the weather heats up. Owning a pool is like owning a boat. They offer a lot of fun but require regular maintenance to keep them running as required. Skipping such maintenance tasks can is not advisable as they can make your pool stop working properly. These are common mistakes:

Not running pump as required
You should run your pump long enough. The operation of the pump is critical to the operation of pool and other things that are related to it such as automatic pool custodian, heater, filter, and regular pool maintenance 1chlorinator. All these things will not work effectively unless your pump is operating as required. Pools pumps have two speeds, and it is recommended it to run it continuously.

Water Level
Most pool owners fail to maintain proper water level in their pools. When the water level is too low, the pump will start sucking in some water. This can cause your pump to lose its “prime.” If it loses its prime, water will no longer move through the circulating system. The result is that none of your equipment is going to work. If the pump runs for a long period without a prime, the water temperature can rise to 200 degrees.

Not adding pH Adjustment
There are pH adjustment chemicals that are added to your pool regular pool maintenance 2water regularly. This is because salt chlorination is known to raise the pH of pool water. In fact, if you fail to add adequate muratic acid to the pool water on weekly routine, you are likely to develop scale. The scale will appear like encrustations and white streaks on pool plaster. This can be very troublesome on the colored plaster pools.

Clean equipment
Most pool owners fail to clean their equipment regularly. The swimming pool is built with special equipment like filter elements, chlorinator cells, and pump strainer basket. Without regular pool maintenance, such parts will malfunction and require replacement with time. Also, they are regarded as normal swimming pool maintenance procedures that you should carry out and are not included in your warranty. For example, if you do not clean pump basket as required, debris will clog the impeller rendering your pump inefficient.

Testing pool water
You should regularly check your pool water. You cannot know the condition of water by just looking at it. Bad water can cause serious health issues to pool users.…

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